Alan Luba, SPHR – Principal and Consultant

Alan has worked in the world of government and government contractors since the Constitution was signed establishing the government. He began his long career in local Maryland government. He then started as an HR practitioner for various government contractors where all of the Washington, D.C. glitzy movers and shakers work. Alan is definitely a glitzy kind of guy. After several years, the call of consulting began beckoning him. He developed a clientele of government contractors, associations, and companies in the private sector who were yearning to tap into his expertise including strategic compensation, policies and procedures, HR analysis, legal compliance, staffing for technical and cleared positions, executive recruiting, strategic planning, M & A due diligence, and a lot of other stuff in support of business needs.He is the “King of Networking” and knows everybody there is to know. In fact, he probably knows you! Hail to the King. As such, he has developed relationships with an extensive list of people with expertise in all areas, not just HR, who also support our clients.


Jane Luba, Principal and Consultant

Once upon a time, Jane was an elementary school teacher. Then, she decided she wanted a big glamorous career in the world of Human Resources. So, she left teaching and went to graduate school. While there, she wrote her Master’s Thesis using an abacus, slate and flint and the oldest of all tools known to mankind (no, not the wheel) – punch cards. With her shiny new MBA in hand, Jane embarked on the long and winding road (isn’t that a song?) to a prolific career in Human Resources. She ran the Human Resources departments and sat on the Executive Committees for several companies – most of which are now defunct (don’t be scared…it really wasn’t her fault). Along the way, she picked up a lot of expertise – mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, benefits design, compensation systems, HRIS, payroll, tap dancing (just checking to see if you’re paying attention), staffing, budgeting, OD, legal compliance, employee relations (isn’t that everyone’s favorite?), policies and procedures, communication strategies, and just about everything else that gets dumped on HR and all other facets within the purview of Human Resources. After millennia in corporate HR, Jane decided to try her hand at consulting. She likes it and is actually quite good. Even her clients say so. Plus, it allows her time for her other passions – her three badly behaved dogs (Boris, Cody and Bubba), water aerobics with the old ladies, and collecting plastic flamingos. Okay, she’s a little odd, as you may be able to tell from her bio.

Cody Cuba Luba, Chief Barking Officer

After graduating Validogtorian from the Culinary Institute of Dog Food where he received the dubious honor of best food thief, Cody’s primary contribution to the organization is very loud public speaking.


Bubba Baby Luba, VP of Energy

As the most energetic member of the team, Bubba’s span of control includes ensuring that there is always a high level of energy, resulting in a high level of exhaustion, within the organization at all times.

Louie VII Luba, Intern

Louie is the newest member of the HRC staff. In his role as Intern, he has much to learn. He is rotating through all of the departments of the organization and already shows promise in the area of leadership as he’s quickly becoming the alpha-dog.


Boris Pup Luba, Chairman of the Board, Emeritus, 7/4/03 - 9/18/19, In Memoriam

Whilst serving as Chairman of the Board, his duties included teaching patience, reminding staff of the importance of focusing on what’s truly important, and leading by example. His gentle kindness, humor and warmth will be missed.