About Us

Human Resources Consultants, LLC was founded in 2002 and offers a full range of Human Resources consulting services. With our diverse array of solutions, we serve small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and government contractors located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and all over the United States. Notably, we bring balance to every organization with which we work. We do so by drawing on our combined 70+ years of senior level HR experience—giving companies both the time and bandwidth to do what’s most important--growing their businesses and saving costs.

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At Human Resources Consultants, LLC, we don’t mind standing on one leg or bending over backwards for our clients. This unparalleled service commitment is exactly what we’re known for. Our expertise includes directing HR departments and strategic functions in technology, telecommunications, government contracting, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare/insurance, consumer goods, and entertainment industries, to name a few. As needed, we engage the services of additional specialized HR professionals who are highly qualified to provide relevant expertise. Although we can and do transactional HR activities, our greatest strength and most valuable offering is that we become a strategic partner with the executives of an organization and partner with them to help drive business success. Notably, we are not the “party of no” — we’re the party of “we’ll figure out a way to make it happen” — no matter what the party…unless you’re serving cocktails!
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Our Capabilities

Human Resources Consultants, LLC is recognized for our years of successful HR management expertise. We use our knowledge to provide HR oversight and advice for dozens of companies and non-profits.

Expert HR Management

Our services include providing outsourced and interim HR management. We offer our clients access to better benefits for employees, stress-free payroll, and administrative relief with our HR outsourcing services.
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Strategic HR Issues

We assist and consult for strategic HR issues such as regulatory compliance, structuring employee benefits programs, developing and executing compensation strategies, strategizing on employee retention, hiring and terminating employees.
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Transactional Support

We also provide transactional support for payroll administration, benefits administration, open enrollment, employee communications, and more.
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Management Team

At Human Resource Consultants, we employ the best team of experts, some human and some canine, who deliver outstanding service and solutions to all of our clients. Our human team members represent the best possible Human Resources experience and expertise in a wide range of niche knowledge areas (aka the “top dogs” of HR.) Our canine team members will show you that human resource management doesn’t have to be “ruff,” if you enlist our help. Access our amazing team capabilities. You’ll find we can easily demonstrate how we can add value to your organization, while never putting on a “dog and pony show”!
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    Louie VII Luba
  • alan
    Alan Luba
    Principal and Consultant
  • Cody – I dare you!
    Cody Cuba Luba
    Chief Barking Officer
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    Jane Luba
    Principal and Consultant
  • Bubba
    Bubba Baby Luba
    VP of Energy

Why The Flamingos?

You may have noticed the theme of flamingos throughout our website. Not only do we love flamingos; we also believe that their main attributes align perfectly with what we do. After all, HR is a balancing act: balancing the needs of the organization with the good of the employees and balancing the regulatory environment with the flexibility needed for success. As you know, flamingos need impeccable balance to stand on one slender leg. We bring that level of balance to the companies and non-profits we serve.